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Spocket Review: The Ultimate Easy Premium Dropshipping Solution

Dropshipping has been the go to business when it comes to making money online. This ain't no secret dropshipping is entrepreneurs' #1 choice to quit a day job and develop a steady profitable income. But what about the hassle and risk it takes to handle such dropshipping business? Well it changed, significantly. And why should you take action.

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Spocket Review: The Dropshipping Solution You’ve Probably Needed. Here’s Why.


If you’re a young entrepreneur, you’ve probably researched ways to make money online and came across articles like this guy on HuffPost about a man or a woman that made an incredible amount of side income dropshipping online while working a full-time job.

You’ve probably considered starting your own dropshipping business and probably had your own concerns about dedicating to it and if it’s worth it.


The Reality.

Looking back 10 years ago, and even nowadays, dropshipping is not as simple as it looks. Since it doesn’t require any inventory storage, cost-wise it’s very affordable, even literally takes $0 to invest (When selling on various platforms) and the only investment you need to pay upfront for a stable business is a domain name and hosting. (Depends)

The reality is, that it’s not as simple as you thought it is, since you handle everything on your own, you’ll need to find suppliers, handle all orders manually, and count all your profit margins on your own. You will have less time to grow your sales if you manage to work by yourself.

But times have changed and led to a variety of solutions to all the problems we mentioned above. One of the solutions is Spocket, which we are going to review in this post.

This dropshipping app will take all the hassle out of dropshipping, connecting you directly to product suppliers all around the world, with an emphasis on the US and EU, known as among the highest online shopping engaging countries and continents.

Spocket allows you quick importation of products straight into your WooCommerce or Shopify store.

This app is opening the opportunity of an easily scalable dropshipping experience since you don’t need a storage facility and allowing suppliers to handle everything for you, which is one of the biggest reasons solutions like Spocket became such a popular choice among entrepreneurs and business owners online.

This requires you no more than a computer and internet connection to run it. Sounds amazing? Well, let’s find out more about Spocket in this review.


What’s Spocket?


As you already know that the Spocket app is a droppshipping solution for eCommerce platforms. Spocket can be easily integrated with two of the most popular eCommerce platforms, Both Shopify and WooCommerce, and only with a few clicks, you can open your own Spocket account and start your own dropshipping business products straight from suppliers all over the world right away.

Not to mention it’s flexibility, allowing you to sell your products on social media websites like Instagram and Facebook. How great is that?

What sets Spocket apart from its competition, they don’t focus on AliExpress dropshipping. Spocket’s main suppliers based in The United States, Australia, Europe, and a few suppliers based in Asia.

The app is offering you a massive product catalog to choose from, all located in different warehouses and factories all over the world, to ensure a decreased shipping time.

Another thing we liked about Spocket is that they’re offering you the opportunity to order samples for you to test, to see if the quality of the product and shipping time fits your standards.

Not to mention the amount that Spocket app is trusted by over 30,000 dropshippers and takes part in one of the most supportive Facebook communities with a whopping 30,000 member group.

So How Exactly Does Spocket Work?

Spocket holds a massive product database offering print on demand and high-quality products from suppliers all around the world. And like many other dropshipping apps, it’s functions and usage are very similar, yet Spocket has several differences.

It provides you a variety of products to import from their broad supplier network.

All products land straight into your WooCommerce, Shopify, Facebook, or any other shop online, and when someone buys a product from your shop, the order is automatically sent to the supplier, who processes the order details and the product, then ships the product straight to your customer’s address in neutral packaging.

It’s important to mention that every single product on Spocket will always come in neutral packaging, in order to avoid your business’ image and on top of it, they even offer you a branded invoicing.

Spocket partnered suppliers are carefully chosen, at an extremely extensive vetting system. Allowing them to have premium quality goods and high-quality print-on-demand services. Spocket has three requirements that a supplier needs to pass in order to be a qualified supplier or business on Spocket.

First, they will be required to fill an application form, and assure that they’ll meet all of the company’s requirements such as complying to their complete neutral shipping rule for product packaging, stable shipping times and the capability of discount offers at rates such as 30-60% or sometimes much higher discounts for their users on all of their products.

Secondly, they’re performing investigative interviews with the suppliers in order to make sure that they are doing legitimate business.

And lastly, The Spocket staff are ordering and testing the supplier’s products for a first-hand impression and processing experience in order to evaluate if the applicant’s products and shipping meet the company’s high-quality standard.

Spocket Set-Up and Integration

The first thing that you’ll have to decide is which eCommerce platform you’re planning to integrate and use with Spocket. Depending on your needs, you can either use Shopify or integrate it with WooCommerce.

Account Creation and Getting Familiar With The App

First, you’ll need to create an account. Once you will log in, We highly recommend you try their guided tour in order to get familiar with their platform. It’s available to all users, and it’s the best way to know every aspect the platform offers.

Connecting your Shopify/WooCommerce Store to Spocket

It can either be done straight from Spocket or from the platform you’ve chosen. In order to connect your store on Shopify, head into your account at Spocket into your dashboard menu, and select ‘My Shop’, then choose Shopify and input your Shopify store’s URL.

In order to integrate Spocket with WooCommerce and connect your account, head into WordPress’ plugin marketplace (Plugins -> Add New -> then search), search for Spocket, install and activate it.

Then head to Settings -> Spocket and paste your Spocket ID which you’ll find by selecting ‘My Shop’ when logged into Spocket dashboard menu and select WooCommerce.

Search for Products That You Wish to Add to Your Store


You can simply proceed and head to the ‘Search Product’ tab to find any product that you wish to sell. You can take advantage of various search result filters to find what goods are most suitable for your store.

Once you found a product that you wish to have in your online store, click ‘Add to Import List’. You don’t have to inspect the product at the moment. you will be able to do so later.

Always remember to watch for the product’s shipping time on every single product that you wish to sell, as some might not be able to be shipped worldwide or your desired location.

Importing Your Products to Your Shop

When you’re done selecting your desired products, head into ‘Import List’, where you’ll be able to inspect each detail of your products in order to decide which products will be suitable to import into your store.

On this tab, you will be able to also edit your product information and various details such as the name of the product, the description, the product’s images, tags, and the product’s category.

When you’re done inspecting the products that you either wished to remove, or import them right away, straight into your store.


Spocket is offering prominent features that will make the dropshipping process much more enjoyable.

Not only it makes its resellers work much easier, connecting them to a variety of products straight from suppliers located all over the world, but will also bring highly anticipated game-changers such as automatic fulfillment of orders, seamless integrating with the most prominent eCommerce platforms on the market and extra features that we highly recommend you to know about, which we will also mention.

Free Trial

Spocket is offering dropshippers a solid 14-day trial of any available plan that you can use straight away and start your dropshipping business as soon as possible. You can test the app for 14 days in order to make a final decision and consider using it in case it fits your business.

The Starter plan will provide you real-time product inventory updates, email support, as well as unlimited quantity of orders for all products, including a shipment tracking number on every order you make, including samples.

Global Pricing Rules Feature

Spocket‘s global pricing rules allow you to make changes and update details in bulk quickly, such as pricing, getting rid of the need to manually set each product’s price individually.

This feature is a must on every dropshipping app.

It’s pretty straight forward. For instance, you want to sell your products for 1.5x of their price, you will have to set the amount in the Global pricing rules section, making every product you will import cost 1.5x of its price.

There is a variety of markup types you can set, by percentage, by a multiplier or a flat rate. And also you can set different markups on different pricing ranges. There’s another useful feature, “assign cents”, it will keep all of your set prices ending using your desired format. For example $0.00, or $0.99.

Fast Deliveries to Europe and The US

Since most of Spocket’s suppliers are located in the US and Europe, the shipping to these locations will be swift.

With a paid plan there are premium items available for delivery within 4 to 7 days and the rest of the products are delivered between 4 to 14 days, Depending on the location of the shipment (Not including processing time, that depends on the product, and in most critical cases, it can be 1 to 5 processing days).

Note the differential between Spocket and other popular dropshipping apps, usually taking 3+ weeks, such as Oberlo and AliDropship.

Custom Branded Product Invoicing

Spocket is providing you with branded invoicing, which will allow you to add your contact details such as email, a phone number, and a personalized note for your customer. If you have chosen a paid plan, you will also have the opportunity to add your own custom store logo.

NOTE: Not every product is provided with the option of branded invoicing. Always check for warnings below the product’s ‘return policy’ to see if the product supplier accepts branded invoicing.

Sample Testing (Ordering a Product)

A reputable dropshipper always checks his product quality and time of delivery before he starts reselling it on his store. There is no other guaranteed way than actually checking the product by yourself.

Spocket app will allow you to order a sample straight from your dashboard. When you find a product that you would like to test, press ‘Order Samples’, proceed to choose the amount, you can optionally write a note to the product supplier if you’d like, pay for the listing price, and wait for the product’s arrival.

Spocket’s Neutral Packaging Standard

It’s both unpleasant, and unprofessional receiving a product that you’ve purchased from an online store, coming with the branding of another store. To fix this problem and help dropshippers, Spocket‘s approved suppliers have to obey the ‘Neutral Packaging’ rule.

This results in higher credibility for you, as a business owner, and the trustworthiness of your store.

Spocket’s Shipping Prices Review

All products have different shipping costs (depending on the destination). The shipping cost varies from $2 for US shipping up to $15 for worldwide shipping. Also, the shipping price may vary due to factors as additional products but most of the time it depends solely on the supplier.

It’s highly recommended to check every product individually before importing it.

It does not matter which eCommerce platform you’ve chosen, you’ll need to set your shipping prices yourself. Since both WooCommerce nor Shopify import the shipping price into their checkout systems.

You may set the cost of shipping on your chosen platform to vary according to the product’s price range, it’s weight or set it at a flat rate.

A pretty common way dropshippers use is setting up a free shipping policy and adding their shipping cost to their product prices. This may positively play with your customers’ decision making and there’s a chance that it might give you a higher conversion rate, overall.

Spocket’s Competition

If you’re not new to the field and tried researching the best dropshipping platform, you’ve probably heard about Spocket’s biggest competitors, Oberlo and AliDropship.

We won’t call them direct since both platforms’ suppliers are strictly focused on the AliExpress market which it’s main suppliers are from Hong Kong, Macao, and China.

Spocket App vs. Oberlo App

The biggest advantage Spocket has over Oberlo is that Spocket has its independent suppliers all around the world and they’re not limited by AliExpress, Even though they do have the capability of delivering neutral packaging, branded invoiced and faster shipping.

Spocket can be integrated with an independent eCommerce platform such as WooCommerce (WordPress Plugin) and is not exclusive to Shopify as Oberlo.

A good advantage Oberlo is offering at its free starter plan is allowing up to 500 product imports from AliExpress. Bit remember, the quality will always be over quantity, but nobody’s stopping you of taking advantage of both apps at the same time on your eCommerce shop.

Spocket App vs. AliDropship

Spocket’s advantages versus AliDropship are all the same as over Oberlo.

First and foremost, AliDropship is a WooCommerce exclusive plugin, which is unavailable over Shopify. As we mentioned earlier, Spocket is available on both Shopify and WooCommerce.

The second point could be an advantage or a disadvantage. Depending on the way you’re looking at it. AliDropship is offering a one-time payment of $89 for its plugin. The second option is a one-time payment of $299 if you’d like a premade store developed and plugin ready for you to use.

The upfront investment might look much bigger compared to a $9 a month plan from Spocket, but you can always use both Spocket and Oberlo combined on Shopify.

Spocket Pricing

Spocket is not too cheap, neither too expensive. Its starter plan can be easily made just by making one or two sales. Making use of its 14-day trial is a perfect opportunity.

Both Empire and Unicorn plans might seem a bit expensive, but as you reach higher dropshipping levels, you’ll highly consider these plans, both plans will not seem as much as you thought. The price won’t look that significant compared to your ROI (Return Of Investment) your dropshipping will bring you.

The “Starter” plan is $19/month – This plan allows you to import up to 25 unique products, giving you unlimited automated order processing, product samples, and real-time product inventory updates.

The “Basic” plan is $49/month – This plan allows you to import up to 250 unique products to your eCommerce store. The basic plan offers all of the features above, plus branded invoicing, 25 premium products, shipment tracking numbers, global pricing rules, and currency exchange.

The “Empire” plan is $99/month – You will receive all the benefits above, and both premium and unique product limitations removed.

The “Unicorn” plan is $299/month – You will receive all the benefits above, as well as a dedicated account executive, unlimited products, and product requests.

If you’re both dedicated and determined to dropship for a long haul, you can save move by choosing an annual plan. Subscribing to an annual plan will save you up to 5 months free, with a pricing of $33 a month for the “Pro” plan, $69 a month for the “Empire” plan, and $165 a month for the “Unicorn” plan.

Would Spocket Worth it? Absolutely.

Taking everything into account, Spocket offers an incredible dropshipping solution for dropshippers and online retailers. It offers a fair 14-day free trial and both great and cheap starter plan that’s very helpful for starter dropshippers.

It does not restrict you from using other apps for dropshipping and everything is completely automated, saving you time to focus on increasing your conversions. After you’ve established, focusing on sales is crucial.

Spocket is probably the best option for both WooCommerce and Shopify, if you’re looking to dropship into Europe and the US, or expand your dropshipping operations. Also, we would like to mention a good sign since the app has a 4+ star rating on both platforms. including a whopping 4.7-star rating and over 1600 votes on Shopify, making it a good sign of clients’ trust in the app.

So our final input on the app would be positive. Should you consider using Spocket? Totally. It offers all the features you need to become a massive player in the dropshipping business and make as many sales as you can.

Reviewed by Gal Moshe & Get-Money.ONLINE via Skype™



Spocket will be an ideal choice for starting dropshippers looking to dropship premium products from exclusive suppliers. Fast delivery for premium products and it's bulk pricing makes it stand out from its competition the most.

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