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Monetizing YouTube For Major Profits Without Making Any Video

Making money with YouTube video monetization is a perfect side income, but we disagree to call it apassive 'side income'. YouTube monetization brings sometimes 4 to 6+ figures a month! Today we will start a new series on utilizing YouTube to make money online and take advantage of monetization methods most people don't take advantage of.

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How To Make Money on YouTube Without Making Your Own Videos


YouTube is known to be a great platform to earn money with, but the amount of competition and efforts it takes to rank your video and making it viral can be very frustrating sometimes, leading most people to quit trying and blame the ‘competition’.

Don’t get discouraged due to over-saturation which is pretty obvious from the get-go. As a platform, it’s considered not only the biggest video platform but as a ‘visual’ search engine as well.

Since the majority of people prefer visually-oriented content (for example; Infographics, step by step instructions, graphs, etc.), YouTube makes a perfect solution for both individuals and content creators to take advantage of the platform and provide step by step guides, tutorials, methods and statistics like fitness videos, money management advice, guides to various topics like website creation, problem solutions like PC errors users might bump into and the list goes on.

In this post, we’re going to focus on an ‘evergreen’ niche, which in our case is fitness.
Tens to hundreds of millions of people are searching for solutions to various unfortunate problems and tips such as weight loss, weight training, ‘six-pack abs’, ‘belly fat loss’, different diets, and nutrition in general.

Enough background, now we can proceed to how exactly we’re going to ‘take advantage’ of the niche and make it profitable for both individuals and us, as information providers & content creators.

The Method


We are going to use copyright-free videos for this method (obviously).
Finding copyright-free fitness related content is easier than most of us might think, thanks to ‘Creative Commons’.

Creative Commons (CC) license is one of several public copyright licenses that enable the free distribution of an otherwise copyrighted “work”. A CC license is used when an author wants to give other people the right to share, use, and build upon a work that they (the author) have created.

Source: Wikipedia

Finding & Saving a Creative Commons Video


This can be done fairly easily by simply typing our keyword into the YouTube search bar.
In this case, we will use a broad, general keyword; ‘six-pack abs‘.

After we hit ‘search’, we can find the ‘FILTER’ button right under the left side of the search bar.
After we click on ‘FILTER’, we will get a variety of options to sort our search results. In our case, we’ll proceed and click ‘Creative Commons’, located right under the “FEATURES” category (as seen in the screenshot below).

Right after we clicked ‘Creative Commons’ our search results will instantly refresh and YouTube is going to show us videos licensed under ‘CC’ only.

Now we’re going to find an informative and interesting video that we would personally like to watch. (We’re always looking at everything we’re implementing just as a business looking to provide a solution for a consumer, since a video we find really beneficial and enjoyable to us as a ‘consumer’ will most likely be more attractive and ‘clickable’ for our audience).


Once we found our video we’re going to copy it’s ‘URL’ (The link to the video) and head to any YouTube video downloading service we would like. We’ll use for the purpose of this method but you can choose any website you like.

We can simply search google for ‘YouTube mp4 downloader’, youtube converter’, or any related keyword to find any website we would like to use. We’re going to paste the link inside our preferred video downloader and convert/download our video. In case you need help downloading a video from YouTube, check the video below to learn an easy method on how to easily download YouTube videos.


We might provide more in-depth tutorials on a variety of general topics with a step by step guide, but since most tools and methods are pretty straight forward and basic computer usage skills and English is more than enough to proceed and take action.

*Never get discouraged to use Google and YouTube to learn, assist and expand your knowledge both on easy topics and more complex and broad strategies for example; ‘YouTube’ and subtopics as “SEO” (Keyword research, description etc.), General – Video uploading process (Pretty straightforward) and more.

Implementing The Method


Once you have the video saved to your device, head over YouTube, and create an account related to your niche (Fitness related channel name in our case) and upload your video.

Make sure you title the video accordingly. Your title plays a huge role in CTR (Click Through Rate) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of course.

Once you put your relevant tags, for example; “fast six pack abs workout”, “ripped abs home workout” etc. you can either edit your description now or after you upload your video.

*We’d highly recommend VidIQ and TubeBuddy chrome extension for better video SEO (both are incredible tools that will provide you keyword suggestions, spying competitor videos, and much more).

The description is the part that’s getting interesting and the most crucial step to monetize your video.

Head over and create an account. allows you to shorten your links, known as ‘Prettifying’ and monetize them as well, meaning for every click, the user is going to view a skippable 5-second ad and redirected to the shortened link (the actual link)

For example, our Smart TikTok Money Making Method post link after shortening it will look something like:

Finding Content To Shorten


To monetize our content effectively, we will need content related to our niche.
You can provide video, websites, eBooks or anything you wish, be creative, but we’ll use an article for the sake of this method.

There are two options you can apply:

  1. The authentic method.
  2. The abusive method.

We highly recommend using the first option since it’s more “professional”, authentic and fair.

Method #1:

You’re going to find an article on google related to your recently uploaded video, for instance, Google something related to diet, methods to keep a flat belly, extra steps for an “amazing beach body” or whatever comes to your mind.

Copy the article URL from the address bar and simply shrink the article’s link. Then simply recommend your audience to check the article with your shortened link in the description.

A simple video editing before/middle/after the video recommending checking your description will be much more effective. (Which also known as “CTA” or Call To Action)

*Remember to stay relevant and provide valuable content since your mission is to provide value to your viewers and grow as a channel that will expand your reach (and profit) in the process.

We DO NOT recommend stealing content from other websites and highly encourage to benefit both you and the author, simply by finding an interesting article, copying the link to the article, shrink it via and pasting it in your description.


Method #2:

There are basically three methods approaching the second method:

  • Finding free to use articles (Usually known as “PLR” or Private Label Rights articles)
  •  Copying parts of various articles and mixing them into one. (You can use ‘Google Docs’ to make a sharable document. Use YouTube and Google to learn more)
  • Providing your own content. (Easy to do, you could use your creativity or get inspired from various articles you’ll find)
The Abusing Part:

You’re going to use multiple articles, or use one article and split it into “steps”, meaning you will head to Google Docs and create a sharable text document, then paste each part of an article in separate documents and shrink all document links separately.

After all your links are ready, paste them as steps in your video description.

An example for such description will be: 

Check out our step by step article about getting the beach body you always wanted FOR FREE!

-First link
-Second link
-Third link

This will multiply your income per viewer since you will force them to click more links to learn more.
Some people already use similar methods and enjoy bigger profits but be ready for a short and painful run.

A key rule would be not doing whatever you didn’t wish to go through yourself.

Your viewers, just like you, are looking for valuable information to help with their problems, and you should respect and appreciate them checking your content instead of clicking one of the other millions of videos available to them.

Nobody’s forcing you to create content, nor do other content creators, which enjoy sharing their own advice and feel like feeling a purpose sharing their knowledge knowing they might have inspired millions.


After your video is published, you can learn more ways to promote and share your video, reach more audiences, and most importantly, get rewarded for your efforts.

All you got left is logging into your account and keep track of your links’ performance.

We hope you enjoyed and found value in this article, 

Best of luck and success!


Submitted by Get-Money.ONLINE



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